Our new home at The Source club, Maidstone!

We are excited to announce our new main teaching venue is now based within The Source in the very centre of Maidstone town, a high-profile nightclub that regularly hosts internationally known DJs and features a state-of-the-art sound system and professional DJ equipment.

Our students can now get behind the same decks that have been graced by DJs such as Pete Tong, Carl Cox, Annie Mac, Mark Knight, Shadow Child, James Zabiela, Zane Lowe, Hot Since 82, Shy FX and many more (read more here).

We can also get our students ready to play DJ sets in front of live audiences at The Source on regular public club nights; the ultimate DJ lesson!

At our new location, we continue to feature Pioneer CDJs (2000 Nexus) and club standard Pioneer mixers on top of our range and expert knowledge of laptop controller equipment and DJ software (such as Traktor, Serato etc) as well as teaching classic turntable vinyl skills. We can help you master any equipment you own or want to use, learn a creative skill, boost your confidence in a fun and relaxed environment.

Read more about what we teach HERE

If you want the head start you need to be a great DJ, the Kent DJ Academy looks forward to welcoming you soon!

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What’s in the bag?

So what does a typical modern DJ (or DJ tutor) have in their gig bag?

We turfed one of ours out and here’s what we found…


Backpack – tough, with lots of pockets

Headphones + spare mini jack to 6.3mm adaptors (essential for most mixers + spares as DJs often unplug and forget their adaptors when they leave!)

Laptops x 2 – in this case MacBooks (with duplicated DJ software and music as a backup, so important if a laptop is your central working tool)
Laptop chargers x 2 – one is a backup (imagine playing with a faulty charger and only 10% battery left!)
External hard drive – bootable backups of the laptops (we recommend Carbon Copy Cloner software for Macs) plus drive spare USB cable, for the really paranoid DJ!
Keyboard covers (because spilt drinks and keyboards don’t mix!)

USB cables x 3 (two for multiple devices (CDJs/mixers/soundcards/controllers/FX controllers) + one spare)
USB hub (because Macs only have 2 ports, DJs sometimes need 3+. We suggest quality powered hubs for certain high-load gear)

For Pioneer CDJs – 2 x LAN cables (for Pro DJ link), various power leads and phono leads (if the venue has lost/broken theirs)
USB drives full of awesome music – various, large capacity, duplicated, pre-analysed MP3s through Rekordbox software)
Some backup music on CDs
Timecode CDs – for older non-USB CDJs or when the turntables can’t be used

Timecode ‘DVS’ vinyl and slipmats – for turntable gigs working with DJ software (x 4, two are spares as they get scratched/lost/worn out/warped)

Stylus/needles – Ortofon Concorde Pro S x 2 (+ 3 various spares)

For teaching:
Student headphones and headphone splitters (so student and tutor can both cue tracks together)
Printed diagrams to explain beatmatching/phrasing/track structure

Itty bitty carry cases
Our business cards/flyers and ones we pickup
Backstage/VIP/performer passes (because that’s how we roll)
Mints – no one likes a DJ with bad breath!
Laptop/gear Kensington lock cables (and keys!)
Headache tablets
Mars Bars – for a late night sugar boost
Pens (inc a Sharpie for CDs and signing autographs of course!)
Earphones – for travel
Mobile sync/charger lead – for long nights and using Rekordbox apps
Copy of our DJ and public liability insurance
Phono to jack adaptors – always handy for some mixers
Accumulated receipts and rubbish
Jack to phono lead – if you ever need to resort to playing music off your iPhone!
International power adaptors

Not shown:
Various laptop/iPad controllers, iPad, Technics turntables with Novation Dicers and Pioneer DJM-T1 mixer, in flight cases/flight bags – for certain gigs and teaching
LAN hubs/switches for multiple CDJ/mixer or Rekordbox (on laptop) setups
Ear protection plugs, for certain gigs – reducing volume but not muffling sound (gotta look after your ears)

This kit covers various gigs and setups; vinyl (DVS), CDJs and controllers as we regularly use all of them!

Spares are a big theme here, always be prepared!
Of course DJs can risk turning up with just a pair of headphones and their music collection on USB drives/records/CDs, and as you can see laptop and controller DJs need a bit more, but we literally cover it all!

What’s in your bag?


Our latest pro student, Tara McDonald’s first gig success

Tara McDonald, performing artist most famous for vocals on Armand Van Helden’s ‘My My My’ and Axwell’s ‘Feel The Vibe’ (plus many more), at her first live gig last weekend. First of many!

More about her work: http://gog.is/taramcdonald


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Easter Holiday Group Events

Easter 2015

On Wed 8th April and Wed 15th April, 12-4pm, we are offering fun group sessions at a Maidstone nightclub introducing young people to basic DJing skills and the chance to get on the decks!

Only £25 per person, open to ages 14 to 18.

*UPDATE* Both of our Easter dates are now fully booked. Keep an eye out for our next scheduled group events and sign up for future update via our contact form below:

Contact us 3

Our interview with Sarah McCloy of McCloy Promotions

If you don’t already know Sarah, pay attention. She is a hard-working and well-connected driving force, passionately managing artists, DJs and producers across the UK and overseas. Check out her work at www.facebook.com/MccloyPromotions, via twitter.com/McCloy15 and associated Twitter accounts. If you are seeking bookings or have bookings to fill this is the lady to speak to.


All hands on deck(s)!

We teamed up with Kent Scouts at the Active8 2015 event at Chatham Historic Dockyards and got several future DJs behind the turntables and mixing with controllers.

Thanks to all that put the time and effort into such a fantastic event.

Happy World DJ Day!

Read more:




Our winner announced!

Celebrating World DJ Day, we are pleased to welcome Jo Georgiou to the DJ Academy who today has won a free 3 hour DJ lesson!

Congratulations Jo!

(and for all those that entered, keep an eye on your inboxes for a special offer from us)


Open Day

Thank you to all who attended our Open Day in November, and to all that helped and supported!

It was great meeting you all and chat about what you’d like to get from DJing.

Please check out our Private Tuition page for details on our one-to-one teaching.

KM KDJA article 16 Nov 12

Kent Messenger - Photo credit: Kent Messenger/John Westhrop

Our Open Day events are a great opportunity for people of all ages to learn about DJ techniques, see DJing demonstrations, meet our tutors, get to grips with professional DJ equipment and find out more about our tuition courses

The days are perfect for anyone interested in DJing, or a beginner wanting to learn more or indeed any experienced DJ interested in tuition to explore new aspects of DJing or sharpen their skills

We cover basic turntable and vinyl mixing, scratching, digital and laptop DJing and using CDJ CD decks