What We Teach

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Hands on learning and practice (that you simply can’t get from videos or books) using:

Pioneer decks and professional Pioneer DJM mixers (teaching USB music/Rekordbox usage and laptop integration)

– The latest modern laptop software (including Traktor, Serato, Rekordbox, Virtual DJ, Djay etc)

– A range of modern MIDI/USB DJ controllers

– DJ apps on iOS devices (i.e. iPhone, iPod, iPad)

– Traditional Technics turntables with vinyl

– A combination of the above using DVS (Digital Vinyl System, for example Traktor Scratch)

– Learn about all types of effects units, popular DJ gadgets with overviews and detailed information from your tutor

OR learn how to master and setup your own DJ gear and/or laptop software/controller


Learn and master skills such as:

– Beatmixing / Beatmatching

– Scratching techniques (with vinyl and digital)

– Use of effects, filters, EQing

– Microphone use and crowd-control tips that work

– Advanced DJ techniques and tricks

– How to create ‘mashups’ and mix them live



– How to record and promote ‘mix tapes’ and DJ mixes, make custom music edits

– How to promote yourself as a DJ

– How to deal with club managers/promoters and get gigs

– How to play to and deal with crowds, clubbers and clients

– How to become a working DJ and make money from being a club/bar resident or run a mobile disco

– How to buy and maintain the right DJ equipment for you

– How to build and manage your DJ music collection


You will get:

– Great tried and tested genuine advice from an experienced DJ

– Time and space to learn

– Tailored training based on your experience, needs, time and budget

– A head start in DJing and a fun, new experience while learning a creative skill!



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