Production Course – Advanced Module

Logic Pro Advanced Module


Lesson 1 (Automation, Filters)

Recap last lesson

Explain what automation is and how it can be used

Start by using the Gain plug in to bring in a track

Go through the relevant tools used for automation

Explain the differences between the automation settings e.g. Latch, Read

Show how to record automation on a track

Explain how to use the Autofilter and what it does

Using the Autofilter and Apple Low and High Passes to modulate different instruments

Show how using automation and filters can better a build or break down

Go through the track automating instruments and making transitions even smoother

Create automations in favour of different transitions using different Plugins i.e. Flanger

Mixdown, Save, Bounce


Lesson 2 (Tuning Drums, Phasing)

Recap last lesson

Explain how to tighten up the mix even more by tuning the drums to the track

Show how to EQ notch any similar sounds to create space

Show how to find the key of a track using the Tuner and EQ’s

Work out if a drum is out of tune with the mix and show how to adjust

Adjust using EQ or Sampler

Explain what Phasing is and how that can occur

Explain airwaves and how sound is made

Check through the mix to make sure it is not clipping or phasing, correct as necessary

Mixdown, Save, Bounce


Lesson 3 (Coaching)

Recap last lesson

Coach the student through the mix making all necessary adjustments ready for Mixing Down

Make sure student understand all the above and help any areas student still does not fully understand

The track should be complete in this lesson

Mixdown, Save and Bounce


Lesson 4 (Mixing Down and Mastering)

Make sure student is happy with track

Explain the importance of Mixing Down and Mastering and the differences

Mixdown the track together using a reference track

Check in multiple audio sources that the track sounds balanced throughout

Master the track ready for DEMO/small venue quality

1. Compress: Attack 120-150, Ratio 2:1-3:1, adjust others

2. Multipressor

3. Stereo Spread

4. Linear EQ

5. Adaptive Limiter

Explain the different formats AIFF, MP3, WAV

Save and Bounce the Mixdown and Mastered Version in different formats



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