Production Course – Beginner Module

Logic Pro Beginner Module (2 Hours Per Lesson)


If Student has software at home, they should create a new track at home to practice each session


Lesson 1 (Introduction, Audio Files and Samples)

Listen to an example track and discuss their musical direction

Brief Introduction to Logic Pro X (When opening Logic make sure Advanced Settings are on)

Load a reference track to the Mixer

Show how to set the BPM and how to find out the tracks BPM using the BPM Plugin

Show how to set markers and break down the track into sections i.e. Intro, Breaks

Explain about the structure of a track and the phrases (i.e new instrument every 8 bars)

Explain about Bars and Beats

Show how to Create, Mute and Solo tracks. Explain the difference between Audio and MIDI

How to load samples from an external source (one shots and loops)

Show how to Loop, Slice and Copy/Paste an Audio File. Use the scissor tool for cutting.

Using the Fade Tool show how to prevent clicks and pops of a sample

Show how to pack audio files into a Folder

On a Loop show how to Warp to the BPM and Grid

Aim to recreate the drum beat of the reference track

Create drum fills on the end of the 8th bar

How to rename and colour a track

Explain Gain theory to prevent tracks from clipping and staying within the green. Rule of thumb -6dB

If we have time, drag bass and lead loops

Mixdown the session to -6dB and Bounce and Save the track

Explain about saving as a Project and a Folder

As working through, get them to write down the keyboard shortcuts


Lesson 2 (Audio Samples, EXS24 Sampler, MIDI)

Start a new project using a new reference track

Recap from the last lesson

Set BPM and Markers from the reference track

Introduce the EXS24 Sampler instrument

Drag and drop samples into the mixer. Show how to assign a key to the sample and selecting one shots

Introduce the Editor drawing in beats and playing them in via a keyboard

Explain about the Velocity, Swing and Quantise in the Editor

Show how to convert an Audio One Shot in a track to a MIDI File

Introduce the Ultrabeat and create a rhythm

Aim to recreate the drum rhythm of the reference track, using the above and Lesson 1

Show how to use Apple Loops and select instruments and genres

Show the Flex Time setting on the Editor and show the different settings and what they do

If we have time drag bass and lead loops

Mixdown the session, save the track and bounce


Lesson 3 (Track Structures)

Start a new project using a new reference track

Recap from the last lesson

Set BPM and Markers

Recreate the reference tracks drums and structure using the above techniques

Show how to use reverse and forward cymbals to add velocity to their track and to create breakdowns

Show how to reverse an audio file using the Audio Editor

Show how to Bounce In Place a MIDI Track or Audio File

Introduce different Synthesisers and explain what they are

Create a bassline and lead using the keyboard

Structure the track making transitions smoother

Drag and drop FX’s and White Noise audio files to create bigger build ups

Show how to make a drum roll in Audio and MIDI

Add an acapella from Apple Loops, slice and create vocal stabs (Audio and MIDI)

Mixdown, Save & Bounce


Lesson 4 (Synthesizers, MIDI FX’s)

Recap from the last lesson

Continue using the project from the last lesson

Continue structuring the track, adding in audio FX’s, Drum Fills, smoother transitions

Explain why the song needs to be in Key and how to use the Tuner Plugin

Show how Flex Time can Quantise MIDI to the Key

Create beefier Basslines and Melodies creating duplicate tracks

Show how to create a Summing Track to group tracks together

Explain the differences between a Summing Track and Track Folder

Explain octaves and the octave shortcut on MIDI

Show them the MIDI FX Chord Trigger and how play a chord in Key

Show how the Arpeggiator works and create a soft Pad sound

Show how to save an instrument Patch on a synthesiser

At the end of this session a track should be completed with all default elements

Mixdown, Save and Bounce



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